Workers’ Compensation Insurance Programs

By on 1-24-2014 in Workplace Injury

Workers’ compensation is a sort of insurance program aimed to financially aid employed workers who have unfortunately become injured while on the job. These are meant to cover for medical bills, recovery treatments, lost wages due to inability to return to work immediately, and many others. It is paid for by the company, and is a guarantee that employees have financial support from the company, and the company will not be facing a lawsuit.

For an injured worker to successfully apply for workers’ comp, it is important to report the incident immediately. After that, get medical help to treat the injuries and update your employer regarding your situation. Know necessary information about how the laws on workers’ comp carries out in your state, since there are certain differences. Otherwise, you can contact a lawyer to help and guide you through the whole ordeal.

A worker can be in danger of any type of injuries in the workplace. This is especially true for construction sites, mining and oil fields, and other dangerous types of jobs. When accidents do occur in these work-sites, they can be devastating. Injuries in serious work-site accidents can lead to long-term disability, severe scars, and physical disfigurement. Aside from the weekly compensation, any worker whose injury resulted to amputations or severe scarring can avail of disfigurement benefits. As explained by the Houston lawyers of Williams and Kherkher, disfigurement is a separate type of compensation which could be combined with a compensable injury. Disfigurement benefits are given to any disfigurement in the body (limps, scar, swelling, stumps, etc). In some states the disfigurement should only be on the face, neck, or hands. It should also be noted that the disfigurement should not be the main cause of disability in the worker’s injury.

The amount of compensation for disfigurement benefits is the same as how workers’ comp is determined – in accordance to the degree of damage as decided by the medical report from the physician. This type of benefit is given only once for the disfiguration, loss of bodily function, or scarring. Workers should be made aware that they have this type of benefits aside from workers’ comp, but consulting a lawyer regarding your workers’ rights can help inform you of your possible health benefits.

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