Make Sure You Get Your Workers’ Compensation

By on 2-21-2014 in Workplace Injury

Workers’ compensation is one of the oldest types of insurance in the United States, and it is generally meant to deal with workplace injuries and cover or compensate for the damages that the worker has suffered. Worker’s compensation is a guarantee not only for the worker, but also for the company because it prevents the injured worker from filing any personal injury lawsuit against them or any worker in the company.

When a worker gets injured while on the job, regardless of who is at fault, worker’s compensation is given to the victim. It is the victim’s prerogative to file for worker’s compensation. There are instances, however, where workers are denied of their worker’s compensation following an accident. In order to ensure that this insurance benefit is given to you, here are some important tips that you can do.

Aside from gathering witness reports and reporting the incident to your company, make sure to have proper medical treatment. It helps to have proper medical attention for insurance companies to believe that your injury was significant enough for compensation. Just as important is making sure to have a clear explanation of how the injuries occurred, as well as filing the reports as accurate as possible. Make sure that the medical records you have are adequately describing the accident and injury, and give detailed reports about the incident. If you are not feeling well enough to file the report, it is advisable to wait until you are feeling better in order to better recall the details.

Make sure that the information you give are consistent; be honest since inconsistencies can only make the worker’s compensation claim shady. Lastly, get a lawyer to help you with your claims. They are very helpful in giving you advice on how to handle insurers who ask for signatures on authorization letters and possibilities of providing a recorded statement. Consulting a lawyer who understands and represents worker’s compensation claims can give you insight regarding things that may need clarification or if you need legal representation.

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