GM Fights Personal Injury Claims

By on 2-24-2015 in Car Accidents

While over a thousand claims of personal injury have been filed against General Motor Co., the company tries to prevent its demise. After surfacing from bankruptcy in 2009, the motor company is defending itself from accusations of violating individual’s rights, thus saving themselves from assuming responsibility of the injured.

Some GM models have an electrical malfunction, and faulty ignition switches of defective cars have caused serious injuries among consumers. In such cases, this problem causes cars to stall and lose power steering, as well as airbag’s failure to deploy.

However, GM announced the existence of these problems in 2014 despite knowing of the problem long before. Since then, a 30 million car recall has ensued. However, the company is facing accusations of fraud and violating consumer rights on the premise of withholding pertinent knowledge; GM cars are deathly, yet the company never told anyone.

The company is responsible for thousands of injuries and numerable deaths. If GM’s platform holds in court, the people they hurt will not receive justice. Injury on another person or company’s behalf, if they won’t accept accountability, negates the crime that was committed. The repercussions of these injuries are not only emotional, but financial as well. Hospital bills and medicine can be expensive, and personal injury lawsuits aim to help the afflicted receive compensation. While financial assistance may not curb physical pain, it can help financially.

These kinds of injuries can be incredibly devastating to an injury victim. Negligent car manufacturers should be held responsible for the crimes they commit and injuries they inflict.

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