Car Accident? Car Insurance!

By on 5-30-2014 in Car Accidents

Nobody wishes to be in a car accident, but they do happen even if you are a very careful driver. Being prepared means having car insurance to help cover for possible expenses that might occur after an accident. According to the website of the Habush Law Offices, having the right car insurance can also prevent you from paying excessive amounts of compensation should serious injuries happen.

Filing a car insurance accident claim is necessary after being involved in a crash, and this is regardless of the magnitude or degree of damage that has been done. You typically have 24 hours to report the accident to your auto insurance company. If you were the victim of the accident, you must also contact the insurance provider of the person at fault for the accident. This is the reason why it is important to gather information regarding the people involved in the accident, along with the police reports and evidence. It is after your have filed a claim that the insurance company will conduct an investigation to check the extent of the damage and determine the settlement check that will be given to you for the damage and injuries you have suffered. Appealing your claim is possible if you have been denied or you do not agree with the amount. Because a denied, delayed, or insufficient settlement claim can cause financial distress, having a lawyer such as Smith Kendall PLLC, can increase chances of having a more agreeable settlement.

An accident has a great effect in your insurance premiums. Car insurance has two types: collision and comprehensive. Collision insurance covers the damages from a collision with another vehicle, and comprehensive insurance provides for damages due to collisions with animals, hit-and-run accidents, vandalism, and damages due to natural disasters. It is important to have both types of car insurance because it can be troublesome if some repair costs won’t be covered by your insurance. If you did not cause the accident, you may not be required to pay for higher premiums, but if you are the one at fault for the accident, your insurance company may increase the amount of your premiums by as much as 40% because you have become a high-risk client. Since insurance companies consider a number of factors to determine the insurance rates, it helps to be more careful on the road, and know when to file for a car insurance claim in order to keep your current policy.